List of Windscribe Servers

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The following hostnames are associated with Windscribe VPN servers hosted in Australia.

IPDomainCountryRegionCityISPASN flag AustraliaWestern AustraliaPerthGSL Networks Pty LTD137409 flag AustraliaVictoriaMelbourneGSL Networks Pty LTD137409 flag AustraliaQueenslandBrisbaneGSL Networks Pty LTD137409 flag AustraliaSouth AustraliaAdelaideGSL Networks Pty LTD137409 flag AustraliaAustralian Capital TerritoryCanberraIntergrid Group Pty Ltd133480 flag AustraliaSouth AustraliaAdelaideIntergrid Group Pty Ltd133480 flag AustraliaWestern AustraliaPerthIntergrid Group Pty Ltd133480 flag AustraliaNew South WalesSydneyGSL Networks Pty LTD137409 flag AustraliaNew South WalesSydneyGSL Networks Pty LTD137409 flag AustraliaVictoriaMelbourneIntergrid Group Pty Ltd133480 flag AustraliaQueenslandBrisbaneIntergrid Group Pty Ltd133480 flag AustraliaNew South WalesSydneyIntergrid Group Pty Ltd133480 flag AustraliaQueenslandBrisbaneGSL Networks Pty LTD137409 flag AustraliaQueenslandBrisbaneIntergrid Group Pty Ltd133480

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