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When you are using Mozilla VPN, whose servers are you really using? According to my research, Mozilla leases hardware from a few different well known providers such as Datacamp Limited, Tzulo, 31173 Services, and xTom.

Some people are drawn towards Mozilla VPN because they are already familiar with Mozilla’s Firefox browser and so the name is familiar. Mozilla has a proven track record of advocating for individual privacy and taking great measures to enhance their users’ privacy online. Some, however, do not like to keep all their eggs in one basket as the saying goes so they choose to keep their browser and VPN company separate.

Mozilla VPN’s server coverage consists of over 400 servers placed in around 40 locations, which isn’t as big as some other competitors but it should be enough for most users. More experienced users will be glad to know that Mozilla VPN uses the same servers as Mullvad, which is another well-known and trusted brand. Mozilla VPN only uses WireGuard protocol, the absolute best for performance and security.

Network Overview

P2P is supported and you can even use a multi-hop VPN that allows you to enter from one location and exit from another, which keeps your location even more secure.

Features include a kill switch that can be set to deploy in the event that the VPN drops out. However, if this advanced-level security isn’t required for all your tasks, split tunneling ensures you can carry on browsing using a standard connection too.

Be aware that although Mozilla VPN works with up to five devices, they all need to be registered. So, if you’re already at the maximum capacity, you’ll need to deregister one of the devices before you can add another. Some providers, like KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, have similar rules, but most, like ExpressVPN, don’t force you to register a device before you can use it, which makes the process far simpler.

Pricing is a pretty standard $9.99 for a monthly account which drops to $7.99 for a six month plan, or go for a full year and it’s the equivalent of $4.99 per month. All rather average then. However, you will benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee with no hidden catches, so you can test the service to see if it fits.


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