How to get a free and fast VPN from Cloudflare

1. Register an account
2. Enable Zero Trust
3. Set up your location
4. DNS-only option
5. Download Warp+ client
6. Configure your team
7. Authenticate
8. Speed Test
9. Configure ad blocking

Everybody knows the name Cloudflare nowadays for the reputation for providing a plethora of free services that increase the performance, reliability, and security of millions of online services. Your router may be using as a DNS resolver without you even realizing it. A while back, Cloudflare offered a VPN service known as “Warp+” but it was very limited in functionality and cost money. Well, I’m here to tell you that there is a workaround to get their VPN for free. Just requires some time and a little technical know how.

Cloudflare recently launched a service called “Zero Trust” which is built on the Warp platform but is designed for IT professionals to monitor their networks and also provide VPN functionality for remote employees. This means if you set up a free tier Zero Trust account you receive all of the same benefits as Warp+, for free. Here’s the steps:

1) Register a free account on Cloudflare ->
2) Enable Zero Trust on your account ->

3) Set up your “location” as this will ensure you get the nearest servers for the best possible performance

4) If all you want is private and fast DNS queries, they provide instructions on how to manually enter the DNS ip information. What we want however if the full VPN experience.

5) You will need to download the Warp client. ->

6) At that point you will have to configure an access URL for your new “team”:

Settings – Team Name

7) Once you have that set up, log in to the Cloudflare Warp app and authenticate Zero Trust using your custom url:

8) Here’s my speeds with Zero Trust enabled:
9) With some trial and error, you can use their network policies to block ads and other malicious / tracking content:


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