Giving Back

At the heart of our mission is a profound respect and appreciation for the open-source projects and services that form the foundation of our work. We stand on the shoulders of giants—developers, thinkers, and activists whose invaluable contributions have made our efforts possible. Many of these tools are freely available, embodying the spirit of collaboration and generosity that drives the open-source community. Our commitment extends beyond utilization to active support and funding of these projects. We aim to give back to those initiatives that not only serve our needs but also contribute significantly to the greater good, ensuring they continue to thrive and inspire new generations of innovators.

Financial Contributions

  • Internet Archive: $10
  • Pihole: $10
  • Tor Project: $10

Resource Contributions

Tor Network

  • We operate Tor relays in Chicago, Canada, and Serbia. As of April 2024 they have transferred over 67 terabytes of secured, encrypted traffic.


  • Our seedbox in the Netherlands has been in continual operation since August 2018. Each month we transfer about 20 terabytes of data, for a total of 720TB since 2018. Right now we are seeding roughly 5.6 terabytes of content.
  • Our home archival cluster has around ~8 terabytes of storage with monthly transfer capped at 500 gigabytes.


  • 48Gb / 335k items archived via ArchiveTeam Warrior (updated 5/9/24)
  • 2.35Tb of data being archived and seeded (Internet Archive + Anna’s Archive)
  • 279 web pages archived and submitted to the Internet Archive
  • We have a cluster running an AMD 6700XT and two Nvidia 4060s for a combined 2400kH/s of GPU hashing power contributing to