Proton releases Proton Pass to the public

Today, Proton has announced the public release of Proton Pass to its growing suite of secure services, cementing its position as a leader in the privacy tech movement. Designed for privacy-conscious individuals, Proton now offers an integrated ecosystem that includes email, VPN, password management, calendar, and cloud storage.

In an era marked by mass surveillance and data exploitation, Proton is dedicated to providing user-friendly tools that prioritize privacy and security. The company has consistently demonstrated that it is possible to create innovative services that are both secure and accessible, without compromising on design or profitability.

Over the years, Proton’s mission-driven approach has set it apart from competitors. Rather than viewing privacy as a hindrance to good design or profitability, Proton has embraced the concept of “privacy by design,” consistently working towards an integrated platform that offers security without sacrificing ease of use.

For those passionate about technology that supports freedom and human rights, Proton is a shining example of a company that values principles and puts them at the forefront of its progress. By focusing on “privacy for all,” Proton has shown that security and liberty don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

As the demand for independent tech companies with a strong focus on privacy continues to grow, Proton stands out as a trailblazer. By developing services that make privacy accessible for everyone, the company is unlocking the potential for a more secure and empowered user experience.

Affordability and Accessibility: The Proton Suite’s Comprehensive Offerings

Remarkably, Proton offers a free plan that provides limited access to all its products, making privacy-centric tools available for users across different financial backgrounds. What’s even more impressive is that a fully unlocked plan costs only $11.99 a month (if paid monthly). To put it into perspective, that’s the equivalent of two Starbucks drinks a month!

For this price, users get access to a powerful VPN, privacy-enhancing features like disposable emails through SimpleLogin, and up to three custom domains. This allows for the generation of email addresses like [email protected], further protecting users from unwanted tracking or spam.

But is the Proton suite suitable for everyone? The answer depends on individual needs and threat models. For the average person who values privacy and wants to keep prying eyes at bay, Proton’s offerings are ideal. However, for those with heightened threat models, it may be advisable not to rely solely on one service provider. In such cases, employing a variety of identity-masking techniques and services would be a smarter approach. Be sure to check out our other guides for more information on additional privacy tools and strategies.

In conclusion, Proton’s ongoing commitment to creating secure, user-friendly tools offers a refreshing and optimistic outlook on the future of technology. By focusing on empowering users rather than exploiting them, the company is demonstrating what is possible when principles shape progress. It’s an exciting time to follow Proton’s journey, as they continue to lead the way in privacy-centric innovation.


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