Protect Your Family’s Privacy in the Digital Era with Proton Family Plan: An All-In-One Solution

In a recent announcement, Proton, the renowned privacy-focused tech company, has unveiled its newest product: the Proton Family Plan. This all-in-one package aims to offer comprehensive digital privacy solutions for families in an increasingly connected era. The plan has been designed with the intent to protect families from a variety of online threats while enabling them to enjoy the convenience of digital services safely and securely. With an understanding that digital privacy is not just an individual need but extends to families as a whole, Proton’s newest product brings a fresh perspective on how privacy-focused solutions can be delivered.

Family Plan Overview

The Proton Family Plan comes as a complete package that takes into account all aspects of a family’s digital needs, offering secure, encrypted services for up to six family members. The plan comes with 3TB of shared storage space, a sizable amount that can easily accommodate the digital requirements of most families, from important documents to precious memories captured in photos and videos.

In terms of services, the plan is comprehensive, encompassing several of Proton’s offerings. First, there is Proton Mail, an encrypted email service that ensures all family communications are protected from external threats, free from spam, trackers, and phishing attempts. Each family member receives their own encrypted email address, enhancing the privacy of their online communications.

Second, the plan includes Proton Drive, a secure platform where all family photos, documents, and files can be safely stored and accessed from anywhere, anytime. This service is designed to protect your digital memories and important documents from unauthorized access.

Third, the Proton Calendar is part of the package, a tool that helps families stay organized. With shared calendars, plans can be kept private, visible only to the family members, thus preserving the privacy of your schedules.

Fourth, Proton VPN is included in the plan. This service allows for secure browsing and faster streaming by connecting to high-speed VPN servers. It is designed to protect your family from privacy-invading ads, malware, and harmful websites.

Lastly, the soon-to-be-launched Proton Pass, a new password manager, will also be part of the Proton Family Plan. This tool will help family members create and store secure login details, adding an additional layer of security to their online activities.

Ditching Google

While Google Drive is a widely-used platform for storing data, it does present certain challenges. Many users have reported instances where they find themselves locked out of their accounts, losing access to years’ worth of important files and memories. This can cause significant disruption, especially when these accounts hold vital data.

Moreover, Google’s policy of scanning files on Drive for viruses or pirated content introduces another layer of complexity. While this policy aims to maintain the platform’s security and legal compliance, it can lead to unexpected account restrictions. This means that users may find their access suddenly limited or removed if the automated scans detect what they consider to be problematic content. Such occurrences underscore the importance of considering the privacy and control aspects when choosing a platform for storing data.

A Cultural Shift

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of people migrating away from free services due to concerns about continuity, reliability, and privacy. A prime example of these concerns comes from Google, a company known for discontinuing popular products, which can cause significant disruptions for users who have come to rely on these services. For instance, Google has phased out services such as Google Mini and iGoogle as part of its periodic “spring cleaning” initiative, leaving users to seek alternatives​.

Moreover, Google has faced criticism for its policies related to user content. The company has been accused of scanning content uploaded to Google Drive for distribution, leading to concerns about privacy and content control. While Google has clarified that it only scans files that are publicly shared, concerns remain about the potential for intrusive oversight and false positives, especially in cases where sensitive but legitimate content, such as historical photos with potential violence or extremism imagery, could be misconstrued.

A Growing Trend

The idea of bundling privacy tools is not unique to Proton. In the recent years, many VPN providers have been expanding their offerings to include a full suite of privacy products. NordVPN, for example, has added NordLocker and NordPass to its services since 2019. NordLocker serves as an alternative to Google Drive, providing encrypted cloud storage for files, while NordPass is a cross-platform password manager. These services, along with the NordVPN, are all accessible under one Nord account.

It is important to note the integration of multiple services under one account could present a security risk if that account is compromised. Users should consider implementing additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication, to protect their accounts.


In conclusion, the introduction of the Proton Family Plan marks a significant advancement in the landscape of privacy-focused digital services. This comprehensive offering enriches Proton’s suite of secure services while addressing the pressing concerns associated with free alternatives. As digital privacy continues to be an area of growing importance, the Proton Family Plan emerges as a tailored solution designed to protect users and their loved ones in an increasingly interconnected world.

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