HitVPN is one of the most peculiar VPN’s I’ve tested in a while. Little is known about the VPN, other than the iOS app store says the developers are Overwin Internet Solutions Limited. Searching that name will bring you to overwinteam.com which appears to be the developers but no mention of HitVPN is present. In order to use their services you have to use their Telegram bot which is entirely in Russian. I had to take screenshots and upload to Google Translate in order to actually set up the VPN. Even weirder, their website is entirely in English, but when you click “instructions” it bring you to their YouTube channel which is entirely in Russian.

There are no features to speak of, just a simple on/off button in the center of the app. The settings menu indicates that application tunneling aka split tunneling will be added in the future. When I connected to the VPN I was randomly assigned a server in France hosted by Scaleway. Scaleway is a popular European cloud host provider based out of France. While using them as a host is probably fine for routine day-to-day web usage, I would not place much trust in their commitment to privacy. They are not a privacy company and will absolutely terminate your account if it is suspected of abuse or illegal activity.


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