Is Ukraine a good country for VPNs?

Ukraine has an “Average” PPI rating, making it a somewhat viable option for a VPN server location. The country has a relatively open internet environment and has not implemented any data retention laws for ISPs. Additionally, Ukraine does not have any specific laws against VPN usage, and the government does not engage in extensive online surveillance. However, it is worth noting that there have been instances of government interference with internet services during politically sensitive times, which could potentially affect the stability of VPN services in the country.

Given Ukraine’s “Average” PPI rating, it may be worthwhile to consider alternative nearby locations that provide a better balance between privacy and latency. Romania, with an “Above Average” PPI rating, is a geographically close option that has a more robust privacy environment. Romania has no mandatory data retention laws for ISPs and does not block or filter content at a large scale. Additionally, the country has a history of striking down data retention laws that conflict with privacy rights, which demonstrates a commitment to user privacy. Romania’s favorable privacy environment, coupled with its proximity to Ukraine, makes it an ideal alternative location for a VPN server that balances both privacy and latency, while also considering P2P file sharing, copyright, streaming, and data retention policies.

VPN servers in Ukraine:

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