Is Russia a good country for VPNs?

Russia presents a challenging environment for VPN servers due to its strict internet regulations, extensive surveillance measures, and geopolitical issues. The country’s PPI rating falls in the “Low” category, indicating a less favorable environment for privacy and data protection. In 2017, the Russian government passed a law requiring VPN providers to register with the authorities and comply with online censorship measures. This law also made it mandatory for VPN providers to block access to websites deemed “unlawful” by the government. Additionally, the Yarovaya Law mandates data retention for internet service providers and requires them to assist in the decryption of encrypted data. These laws, coupled with Russia’s history of online surveillance and censorship, make it a less-than-ideal location for a VPN server.

For users who want to balance privacy and latency, considering an alternate location such as Romania could be a wise decision. Romania boasts a PPI rating in the “Above Average” category, offering a more privacy-friendly environment. The country is not part of any major intelligence-sharing alliance and has struck down data retention laws on the grounds of unconstitutionality. Romanian VPN servers can provide solid connection speeds, especially for users in Europe, while offering a more favorable legal environment for privacy protection, P2P activities, and streaming services. When selecting a VPN server location, it is essential to consider the PPI rating, local laws, and the overall privacy commitment of the VPN provider.

VPN servers in Russia:

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