Is Luxembourg a good country for VPNs?

Luxembourg gets high marks when it comes to online privacy. With an “Above Average” rating on the Privacy Protection Index, Luxembourg presents an appealing option for VPN servers. The country is renowned for having some of the strongest privacy laws in the world, like its 2002 data protection law and compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Luxembourg walks the walk when it comes to defending people’s right to privacy. For example, Luxembourg successfully fought an EU directive in 2006 that would have forced internet providers[1] to store people’s personal data for up to two years. Luxembourg opposed the directive out of concerns it violated civil liberties, showing its resolve in standing up for users’ privacy rights.

Beyond its laws, Luxembourg actively supports internet freedom. It ranks highly for press freedom and freedom online.[2] People in Luxembourg can freely express themselves on the internet without fear of censorship or government retaliation. Surveillance of people’s communications also requires court approval and oversight. Compared to other countries, Luxembourg has little internet censorship.

With its proven track record of championing privacy and civil liberties, Luxembourg is an appealing spot for VPN servers. Its location in central Europe also provides good connectivity and performance for users throughout the region. For people looking to keep their online activity confidential, while still enjoying fast, unrestricted internet access, Luxembourg hits the sweet spot.

Its exemplary laws and policies, combined with its perfect geography, make Luxembourg a leading choice for privacy-focused individuals, businesses, and VPN providers. Luxembourg’s steadfast commitment to protecting people’s right to privacy online and off makes it a logical pick over places with looser laws and lower standards of data protection. When privacy and performance are equally important, Luxembourg comes out on top.

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