Is Kazakhstan a good country for VPNs?

Kazakhstan ranks as “Below Average” on the PPI scale for hosting VPN servers, largely due to its restrictive internet environment and government surveillance. The country has implemented stringent measures to control online content and has a history of blocking websites and social media platforms. Furthermore, Kazakhstan has attempted to force its citizens to install a government-issued root certificate that would allow the state to monitor encrypted web traffic. This level of surveillance, coupled with restrictive copyright and data retention laws, makes Kazakhstan an unfavorable location for a VPN server.

Given the situation in Kazakhstan, a more suitable alternative in close geographical proximity is Romania. Although not exactly neighboring Kazakhstan, Romania offers an “Above Average” PPI rating, with more privacy-friendly legislation and a more liberal approach to internet freedom. Romania does not have mandatory data retention laws and is known for its lenient stance on P2P file-sharing and streaming activities. This makes Romania a better choice for a VPN server location, providing a balance of privacy and latency for users who are concerned about both performance and data protection.

VPN servers in Kazakhstan:

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