French Guiana

French Guiana, a French overseas department in South America, is known for its lush rainforests and the European Space Agency’s Guiana Space Centre. The country has been gradually advancing in terms of digitalization, although the pace has been slower compared to mainland France. Challenges remain in ensuring digital rights, online freedom, and internet privacy. Notably, the digital landscape in French Guiana is influenced by the regulations and policies of France and the European Union, especially the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Internet Censorship and Freedom

French Guiana is subject to French laws, which generally uphold democratic values, including freedom of speech. There are no widely-reported instances of state-imposed internet censorship or website blocking in the region. However, any censorship policies in mainland France, such as those against hate speech or terrorism, would be applicable here.

Peer-to-Peer Services and Torrenting

France has been known for its strict stance against illegal torrenting, highlighted by the HADOPI law which can lead to fines or internet disconnection for repeat offenders. The same policies would be applicable in French Guiana. The region is also influenced by international directives such as the EU Copyright Directive, although it is not an EU member.

Media Websites and Social Media Access

Popular social media platforms are generally accessible in French Guiana. However, regulations affecting social media access in France, like the Avia law aimed at combating hate speech, would also be in effect here.

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is upheld by French law and by extension in French Guiana. ISPs in the region are generally expected to adhere to the principles of net neutrality, failing which they could face penalties under French and EU law.

Legal Framework

Key legislation affecting the digital realm in French Guiana includes the GDPR for data protection, the French Data Protection Act, and the HADOPI law against illegal downloading. The direction is generally towards increased data protection and stringent cyber regulations.

Surveillance and Privacy

French Guiana falls under the surveillance framework of France, which has laws like the Intelligence Act of 2015 that allows for significant government surveillance capabilities. No specific affiliations or memberships link the country to international surveillance frameworks, aside from its relationship with France.

For those concerned about digital privacy, using encryption tools and VPN services that do not log user data is advisable.


French Guiana’s digital landscape is largely shaped by its status as a French overseas department. While it generally upholds democratic values and principles like net neutrality and data protection, there are concerns related to surveillance and online freedom due to mainland French laws. Based on current trends and global standards, it’s likely that French Guiana will continue to align closely with French and EU digital norms.

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