Is Azerbaijan a good country for VPNs?

Azerbaijan falls under the “Below Average” category on the PPI scale, indicating that it may not be an ideal location for hosting VPN servers. The government of Azerbaijan is known for its restrictive approach to internet freedom, with reports of blocking websites, social media platforms, and VPN services. The country’s privacy laws are weak, and the government is known to monitor online communications and activities of its citizens. Additionally, Azerbaijan’s data retention policies are stringent, as ISPs are required to store user data for a specific period, making it less desirable for VPN users who prioritize privacy. The country’s laws on copyright, streaming, and P2P file sharing are enforced, which could potentially result in legal consequences for VPN users engaged in these activities.

Considering the “Below Average” PPI rating of Azerbaijan, users seeking a more privacy-friendly VPN server location should look for an alternative in the nearby region. Georgia, a neighboring country, offers a more favorable environment for VPN users, with an “Average” PPI rating. Georgia is known for its relatively relaxed approach to internet freedom, with fewer instances of censorship and government surveillance. The country’s privacy laws are more robust, providing users with a greater degree of online anonymity. Additionally, Georgia’s enforcement of copyright and P2P file sharing laws is less strict compared to Azerbaijan, making it a safer choice for users concerned about privacy and latency. Its geographic proximity to Azerbaijan ensures that users in the region will continue to enjoy low latency while benefiting from improved privacy protections.

VPN servers in Azerbaijan:

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