Freedom to create.

Every individual has the right to innovate and create without fear of oppressive regulations or restrictive laws like the DMCA. We support the dismantling of barriers that inhibit technological and creative freedom.

Freedom to express.

We stand for the unalienable right to free speech and expression in all digital realms. Our platform opposes any form of censorship that stifles discourse and innovation. We commit to preserving the integrity of our digital spaces as open forums for free and fair communication.

Freedom to share.

Information wants to be free. We advocate for the right to freely share and distribute digital content and knowledge through copyleft and other licensing that resist proprietary restrictions. Our commitment is to keep digital content accessible to all, promoting a culture of collaboration and mutual benefit.

Freedom to security.

Privacy is the cornerstone of freedom. We uphold the right for individuals to operate anonymously and securely online, free from surveillance and tracking. We encourage and support the use of encryption, anonymizing tools, and other privacy-preserving technologies.

Freedom to engage.

We support the right to freely engage and organize within digital and physical spaces, promoting voluntary and consensual interactions that foster community growth and collaboration. We believe in empowering communities through digital tools that enhance collaboration and collective action.