GSL Networks Pty Ltd, registered in Queensland, Australia on April 8, 2017, operates under the Australian Business Number (ABN) 15 620 899 765 and Australian Company Number (ACN) 620 899 765. It is an Australian proprietary company limited by shares.

In the VPN industry, GSL Networks has a notable presence, as it manages a considerable range of IP addresses under Autonomous System Number (ASN) 137409. It has 12 upstream providers, including notable names like Sprint, Cogent Communications, Telstra Global, and NTT America. Additionally, it has 82 downstreams, suggesting a significant role in the routing of internet traffic.

GSL Networks offers services essential for CDN (Content Delivery Network) and VPN providers. Its global network is designed for low latency, end-to-end security, and inline DDoS protection. They offer direct access to major providers and peering with over 2000 networks. Their expansive network, complete with full redundancy, facilitates high-capacity direct interconnection links between content networks and end users. GSL Networks’ network of interconnected data centers spans major international cities across various regions including APAC, EMEA, New Zealand, and North America.

However, GSL Networks has faced scrutiny for its association with VPN services. It has been identified as a potentially medium fraud risk ISP, with approximately 29% of the web traffic it manages suspected to be potentially fraudulent. A notable 8% of their IP addresses are dedicated to anonymizing VPNs. The countries primarily served by GSL Networks’ IP addresses include Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

VPNs that use GSL Networks include Private Internet Access, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost VPN, StrongVPN, and ProtonVPN. This involvement with various VPN providers highlights GSL Networks’ significant role in the VPN industry, though it also raises concerns regarding the nature of the traffic and the potential risks associated with its services.

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At this time there are 2,391 entries in our VPN IP database, representing about 2.8% of total IPs.


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