NFOrce Entertainment B.V., hailing from the Netherlands, is a widely trusted internet service provider, known for their superior hosting services. Operating under the Autonomous System Number (ASN) AS43350, NFOrce offers reliable network management and high-performing, customizable solutions.

As of July 2023, NFOrce represents a noteworthy 1.44% of the servers tested, cementing their position as the 11th most popular service provider for VPNs in our tests. Their services, spanning from dedicated servers to colocation, cater to a variety of clients and are particularly favored by VPN providers due to their flexibility and high standard of security.

NFOrce’s commitment to adhering to stringent European data privacy laws further underscores their reliability. While they’re not a VPN provider themselves, their infrastructure is a critical component to many VPN services worldwide.

VPNs That Use NFOrce


Founded: 2003

ASN: 43350


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