Hosting Inside Ltd

Hosting Inside Ltd., identified by the Autonomous System (AS) number 9678, is a company based in Taiwan. It was assigned AS9678 on October 4, 1999, by the Regional Internet Registry APNIC. The company is involved in hosting services, and at least 152 domains are hosted on its system. Some of the domains hosted include and

The domain was registered in 2004 but archives of the website indicate ownership was based out of Indonesia. By February of 2006 the footer of the website was updated to reflect being registered in Taiwan.

At A Glance

At this time we have 266 IPs from this ASN in our database.

Of those, 39 are positively linked to a VPN provider.

Surfshark is the #1 VPN using this ASN.

Hosting Inside Ltd. operates in the Asia Pacific region and is categorized as an enterprise with traffic levels ranging from 20-50Gbps. It supports unicast IPv4 and multicast IPv6 protocols but does not use route servers for IPv6.


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