M247 Ltd., previously known as Open Hosting Limited, provides internet infrastructure services. The company offers data and network security, web hosting, technical support, and cloud solutions. One reason it’s popular among VPN providers is its extensive presence with multiple Points of Presence (PoPs) around the world, which allows for low-latency and high-speed connections. The company also offers strong peering arrangements and optimized routing, making it easier for VPN services to deliver reliable and fast services to their end-users. Additionally, M247 is often lauded for its ability to provide scalable solutions that can meet the demands of VPN providers, whether they are catering to a small user base or a large audience. These capabilities make M247’s ASN 9009 a preferred choice for VPN services seeking to optimize their network performance.

Website: m247.com

Founded: 2000

ASN: 9009

VPNs Utilizing M247

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