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Clouvider Limited, operating under the Autonomous System Number (ASN) AS62240, is based in the United Kingdom. The company is recognized for its high-quality hosting solutions, offering a range of services including dedicated servers, colocation, and cloud services​​. Established in 2013, Clouvider boasts a substantial presence in the hosting industry with over 9,133 hosted domains and a substantial allocation of IP addresses, including 364,288 IPv4 addresses​.

In the context of the VPN industry, Clouvider is particularly influential. Clouvider’s network is noted for its strength and customizable nature, making it a top-tier choice for hosting services. While Clouvider itself is not a VPN provider, its robust infrastructure plays a vital role in supporting many VPN services, enhancing their performance and security measures. This support is underpinned by the company’s commitment to adhering to strict UK data privacy laws, ensuring a secure and high-speed network environment for VPN service providers​​.

Clouvider experienced a security issue in 2021 where one of their websites,, was defaced. The company assured that this website held no customer data and was merely a redirect to their main site,, with minimal file structure. They emphasized that the defacement did not impact any subdomains connected to functional internal infrastructure servers. Clouvider committed to releasing a detailed statement upon the conclusion of their investigation into this incident​​.

In summary, Clouvider Limited is a prominent UK-based hosting provider with significant involvement in the VPN industry, offering robust and reliable infrastructure that underpins many VPN services. The company’s reputation in the hosting market is bolstered by their commitment to security and data privacy, despite experiencing a defacement incident on one of their websites.

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