Datacamp Limited

Autonomous System Number (ASN) 60068 is assigned to a company called Datacamp Limited based in the United Kingdom. ASNs are unique identifiers assigned to organizations that control blocks of IP addresses.

Datacamp operates a content delivery network (CDN) and provides dedicated servers and advanced network monitoring. They seem to be a major player in the CDN and hosting space.

The ASN was originally assigned to Datacamp on June 4, 2014. Since then, it has been associated with over 6.5 billion IP addresses according to IPQualityScore[9].

AS60068 is frequently linked to VPN services and proxy networks. IP addresses in this ASN are often flagged by services like IPQualityScore as high risk or potential VPN connections[6][10]. This makes sense given Datacamp’s CDN and hosting businesses.

Some controversies and issues surrounding AS60068:

  • In 2019, the ASN was banned by Grindr for violating their terms of service.[3]
  • In 2020, users of Artix games received error messages saying AS60068 was banned, blocking access.
  • Research papers have scrutinized the VPN ecosystem associated with AS60068 and other ASNs operated by hosting companies[17].

So in summary, AS60068 is a major CDN and hosting provider that controls a huge number of IP addresses. It has strong links to VPN services, which has caused some services to ban the ASN for terms of service violations. But overall AS60068 seems to be a big player in the hosting and network infrastructure space.


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