Gigabit Hosting

AS55720 is an autonomous system number assigned to the company Gigabit Hosting Sdn Bhd, which seems to be a Malaysia-based hosting provider. Autonomous system numbers like AS55720 are used to identify networks on the internet and route traffic between them.

From what I could dig up, AS55720 is a relatively small network focused on hosting services. They don’t seem to be a major player in the VPN industry specifically. The ASN was assigned to them fairly recently, in 2020.

I wasn’t able to find much info on their specific services or products. Their website is just a basic landing page. Hosting and domain registration services seem to be their bread and butter.

There’s no evidence of major controversies or security issues related to AS55720. They aren’t mentioned in any cybersecurity threat reports that I came across. As a small hosting provider, they probably fly under the radar compared to bigger players.

In summary, AS55720 represents a Malaysia-based company offering standard hosting services. They don’t have a big footprint in the VPN world or much visibility in general. Just a run-of-the-mill hosting provider trying to make their way on the internet!


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