Google LLC offers GoogleWifi, a mesh Wi-Fi system optimized to provide uninterrupted internet coverage in various settings, from homes to business environments. Unlike traditional routers that operate from a single point, GoogleWifi employs multiple nodes. These nodes engage in continuous communication, ensuring a stable internet connection throughout the designated area, aiming to overcome the challenges of Wi-Fi dead zones prevalent in expansive spaces.

In parallel, Google also provides the Google One VPN service, a virtual private network solution designed to enhance user privacy and security while online. This VPN service utilizes the infrastructure supported by GoogleWifi, benefiting from the robust and expansive network that Google has established.

ASN36492 is the autonomous system number (ASN) designated to Google LLC by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Serving as a unique identifier, an ASN facilitates network operators in the exchange of routing information and the orchestration of internet traffic delivery. Google LLC leverages ASN36492 both for announcing its network prefixes and for peering with other networks.

Drawing the connection, Google LLC’s ASN36492 is instrumental in sustaining the infrastructure services for both GoogleWifi and the Google One VPN. This ASN serves as the backbone, enabling seamless operation of these services.

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