Qnax Ltda, identified by the autonomous system number AS268581, is a prominent entity in the internet service sector, with its base in Brazil. This company was established on October 3, 2018, and since then, it has made a significant impact in the field of digital services and internet connectivity, particularly in South America.

The core services of Qnax Ltda are geared towards providing enterprise-level network solutions. The company manages an extensive array of IP addresses, numbering over 7,500. These IPs are used for various purposes including server hosting, operating anonymizing VPNs, and public proxies. The wide-ranging use of these IP addresses across different domains and websites illustrates Qnax Ltda’s extensive involvement in the digital landscape.

In the technical domain, Qnax Ltda showcases impressive network statistics. They support various network protocols including Unicast IPv4, Multicast, and IPv6. The network’s traffic levels are substantial, ranging from 500-1000Gbps, with a balanced traffic ratio. Geographically, their services are primarily focused in South America. The company adopts an open peering policy, which indicates their readiness to establish network relationships without strict conditions, thereby enhancing their network reach and connectivity for clients.

From a security standpoint, Qnax Ltda is recognized for its internet security standards. According to a fraud risk assessment by Scamalytics, the company is rated as a low fraud risk ISP, implying that web traffic from their network is generally low in fraudulent activities. Qnax Ltda is responsible for managing IP addresses for a variety of organizations, highlighting their significant role in the digital infrastructure realm.

In summary, Qnax Ltda is a key player in the internet services industry, particularly in the South American region. With its extensive network infrastructure, commitment to open peering, and a favorable security assessment, Qnax Ltda stands out as a reliable and influential company in the digital ecosystem, playing a vital role in the maintenance and facilitation of internet connectivity and services.

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