Zenlayer Inc

Zenlayer Inc, identified by its Autonomous System Number (ASN) 21859, is a company with a focus on improving global digital user experiences through its on-demand edge cloud services. Since its inception in 2014, Zenlayer has rapidly expanded its global footprint, boasting over 290 Points of Presence (PoPs) around the world, particularly in burgeoning markets such as Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. Through its edge cloud platform, businesses are empowered to enhance digital experiences for their users by leveraging ultra-low latency and worldwide connectivity on demand​1​.

What VPNs use Zenlayer?

According to our in house research, Zenlayer is currently used by Privado VPN, Bitdefender, X-VPN, and VPN Proxy Master.

Zenlayer VPN IP Ranges

United Kingdom193.118.58.0/241
United States98.96.202.0/244
United States128.14.18.0/242
United States23.236.116.0/242
United States128.14.181.0/241
United States169.197.124.0/241
United States23.251.113.0/241
United States98.98.252.0/241

On a technical front, the registry for ASN 21859 was officially established on April 2, 2013, under the jurisdiction of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). The network has since been active and is comprised of 1184 IPv4 and 126 IPv6 originated prefixes. Zenlayer Inc’s network is not isolated but is part of a larger interconnected web, with upstream networks including NTT America, Inc. (AS2914), Arelion (AS1299), Lumen (AS3356), PCCW Global, Inc. (AS3491), TATA Communications (America) Inc. (AS6453), and Zenlayer Inc itself (AS4229)​2​​3​.

The company operates under the name ZEN-ECN, with its organizational identifier being ZENLA-7. The latest update to the registry was made on July 17, 2021, and the organization’s contact address is listed as 21680 Gateway Center Dr. Suite 350, Diamond Bar, CA, US, 91765​2​.

Zenlayer Inc has charted a course of providing innovative solutions in the realm of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) based technology. Its offerings encompass a global connection platform comprising bare metal cloud, SD-WAN, and edge computing services. This platform facilitates clients to swiftly deploy and manage information technology resources worldwide, thus contributing to a global digital ecosystem conducive to business operations and user satisfaction​4​.

In summary, Zenlayer Inc, through ASN 21859, exemplifies a progressive venture in harnessing edge cloud technology to foster enhanced digital experiences across the globe. Its network infrastructure, delineated by ASN 21859, is an active participant in the global network community, engaging with multiple upstream networks to ensure a robust and reliable connectivity framework.

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