Datacamp Limited

DataCamp Limited, a private company incorporated in the UK on January 11, 2011, is primarily known for its data processing, hosting, and related activities. However, its relevance to the VPN industry arises from its operation of subsidiaries like CDN77 and Datapacket, positioning it as a significant player in cloud hosting and content delivery networks (CDNs).

DataCamp Limited’s engagement with the VPN industry became particularly notable due to legal controversies. In late September 2021, the company faced a lawsuit from independent film companies, accusing it of providing services to multiple VPN providers. The film companies alleged that despite receiving numerous warnings, DataCamp did not close the accounts of these VPN providers, leading to accusations of contributory and vicarious copyright infringement.

VPNs known to use DataCamp’s services include NordVPN, VPN 360, Hotspot Shield, TorGuard, ProtonVPN, Brave, Mozilla VPN, and StrongVPN. The significance of these relationships is underscored by a lawsuit filed by the International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP) in February 2022. This complaint, filed in the Northern District of Illinois, claimed that DataCamp facilitated the infringement of IBCAP member copyrights by allowing 11 pirate services to use its CDN. DataCamp allegedly received nearly 400 separate infringement notices but did not act sufficiently to halt these unauthorized services. The lawsuit sought damages of up to $32,550,000 and emphasized the role of CDN companies in supporting pirated content distribution.

Datacamp Limited Servers by Country

  1. United States: 1451 IPs
  2. Germany: 474 IPs
  3. United Kingdom: 435 IPs
  4. Czechia: 410 IPs
  5. Switzerland: 409 IPs
  6. Ukraine: 350 IPs
  7. Slovakia: 348 IPs
  8. Singapore: 314 IPs
  9. Netherlands: 293 IPs
  10. Brazil: 289 IPs

Global Top 10 Subnets

  • Subnet “102.129.143” with 256 IPs
  • Subnet “138.199.60” with 256 IPs
  • Subnet “93.113.202” with 256 IPs
  • Subnet “156.146.40” with 256 IPs
  • Subnet “149.102.246” with 256 IPs
  • Subnet “143.244.45” with 256 IPs
  • Subnet “109.61.80” with 254 IPs
  • Subnet “156.146.55” with 254 IPs
  • Subnet “185.180.14” with 253 IPs
  • Subnet “185.102.217” with 247 IPs

In summary, DataCamp Limited’s relevance to the VPN industry is multi-faceted. While it provides essential infrastructure through its CDN services, its alleged involvement in supporting VPN providers associated with copyright infringement has led to significant legal challenges and highlighted the complex relationship between CDN providers, VPN services, and copyright law.

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