MARKAHOST Telekomunikasyon ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi, operating under the Autonomous System number AS207279, is engaged in telecommunications and network services, with a significant presence in internet services and the management of IP ranges. The company has an extensive range of IP addresses registered across several countries, indicating a broad network operation.

An interesting aspect of MARKAHOST’s network infrastructure is its connection to the Tor network. According to data from the Tor Project’s metrics website, several Tor relays are associated with AS207279 in Turkey. Tor, known for enabling anonymous communication and internet browsing, uses relays hosted by volunteers around the world to route and encrypt users’ internet traffic. The presence of Tor relays in MARKAHOST’s network suggests a contribution to this global privacy-focused network, providing infrastructure support for Tor’s anonymizing capabilities.

MARKAHOST Telekomunikasyon ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi was assigned its Autonomous System number, AS207279, by RIPE NCC, a regional Internet registry responsible for allocating IP addresses and AS numbers in Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Central Asia. The assignment date is recorded as March 16, 2022, which provides a reference for the company’s formal recognition in the network infrastructure landscape.

The company is based in Istanbul, Turkey, with specific contact details and administrative references available in public WHOIS records. These records provide information about the company’s network infrastructure, including upstream providers and technical contacts, which are essential for network operation and coordination.

While the available information outlines the technical aspects and network footprint of MARKAHOST Telekomunikasyon ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi, there is limited public information on the company’s history, major events, or any controversies it may have been involved in. This lack of detailed historical data could be due to the company’s specific operational focus or the nature of the industry it operates in, which often involves technical and infrastructure-oriented activities rather than consumer-facing services.


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