Cogent Communications

Cogent Communications, identified by its Autonomous System Number (ASN) 174, was established in 1999 during a period of significant growth in the telecommunications industry. The company was able to secure funding from angel investors, including members from the Keiretsu Forum. Over the next three years, Cogent adeptly navigated the market landscape by acquiring 13 other carriers that were facing financial difficulties, thereby obtaining $14 billion in capital at an expense of $60 million, which included a $4 billion acquisition of Property, Plant, and Equipment​1​.

On May 15, 1996, the registry for ASN 174 was officially assigned to Cogent Communications, marking a crucial step in the company’s growth. This assignment was managed by the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), the authoritative body responsible for IP address allocation in North America. It allowed for the management of 104,366 IP addresses within its network​2​.

A significant development in Cogent’s history was the acquisition of major US assets from PSINet in April 2002, which enhanced its operational capabilities and network infrastructure considerably​3​.

Over the course of 27 years, ASN 174 has matured into a critical internet network under Cogent’s management, establishing peering relationships with 6521 other networks and being supported by 18 upstream carriers. This extensive network infrastructure has positioned Cogent as one of the world’s leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Its network, represented by ASN 174, connects to over 7,891 other ASs, underscoring its extensive reach and crucial role in the global internet infrastructure​4​​ 5​.

While Cogent Communications does not offer VPN services directly, it presents a viable option for individuals and organizations looking to host their own private VPN servers, or for companies aiming to expand their VPN offerings, much like the operational model of Choopa / Vultr / Constant.


As of October 2023, nearly 96% of the IP addresses in our database that are assigned to Cogent Communications are being used by Private Internet Access. Here’s a breakdown of the ASN 174 VPN servers by country and subnet:

CountrySubnetTotal IPs
United Kingdom45.133.172.0/24149
United Kingdom194.110.13.0/2492
United Kingdom181.215.176.0/2465
United Kingdom45.133.173.0/2430
United States181.214.167.0/24244
United States5.182.110.0/24244
United States154.16.105.0/24214
United States191.101.61.0/24214
United States191.96.37.0/24179
United States181.41.206.0/24108
United States191.96.103.0/2489
United States216.131.104.0/2429
United States216.131.106.0/2428
United States181.214.166.0/2427
United States216.131.107.0/2427
United States181.214.164.0/2421
United States181.214.165.0/2417
United States216.131.105.0/2415
United States191.96.185.0/2413
United States181.214.94.0/2412
United States207.204.229.0/2412
United States102.129.153.0/2411
United States102.129.152.0/2410
United States102.129.234.0/2410
United States102.129.235.0/2410
United States154.16.192.0/249
United States191.96.255.0/249
United States102.165.16.0/248
United States181.215.182.0/248
United States102.129.252.0/247
United States191.96.150.0/247
United States102.129.232.0/245
United States181.214.93.0/244
United States191.96.227.0/244
United States102.129.145.0/242

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