LeapSwitch Networks

LeapSwitch Networks, based in Pune, India and founded in 2010, is a prominent cloud services provider. They offer a range of services, including managed cloud services, IaaS, PaaS, and DRaaS. LeapSwitch also partners with AWS and Azure, positioning themselves as a comprehensive cloud services provider.

Regarding ASN 132335, LeapSwitch Networks Pvt Ltd has a significant presence, indicated by its numerous IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, hosted domains, peers, and downstreams. The ASN is noted for hosting services, including VPN and BitTorrent.

Notably, according to our database, Windscribe VPN leases some servers from LeapSwitch Networks. This highlights LeapSwitch’s involvement in the VPN industry, providing essential infrastructure that supports VPN functionalities, such as hosting VPN servers. Their diverse hosting services, with servers in multiple countries including the USA, India, Portugal, Spain, and Ukraine, cater to a global customer base, emphasizing their importance in web hosting and cloud services industries.


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