Tzulo, Inc., identified by its Autonomous System Number (ASN) 11878, is a company engaged in the provision of web hosting services, encompassing colocation, dedicated servers, cloud/virtual servers, and managed hosting services. The company is situated at 427 South LaSalle Street, Suite 405, Chicago, IL, 60605, United States, and has established a notable presence in the web hosting arena since its registry was last assigned on April 2, 2007​1​. The network under ASN 11878 has been allocated a significant number of IP addresses, with 126,459 total IPv4 addresses, encompassing 111 IPv4 prefixes and 19 IPv6 prefixes​2​.

What VPNs use Tzulo infrastructure?

VPNTotal IPs
Not Anonymous263
Kaspersky VPN1
Deeper Network VPN and Mullvad VPN1

The network’s IP addresses are assigned by the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), which is the regional internet registry (RIR) for North American IP addresses​3​. Within the network, a BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) structure has been established, and the network is 16 years old in terms of BGP, peering with 5 other networks and having 4 upstream carriers. The network has set up a route server and looking glass URL for enhanced network transparency and troubleshooting​4​​5​. Tzulo, Inc., through ASN 11878, has thus carved out a niche for itself in the web hosting industry, leveraging its network resources to offer a range of hosting services to its clientele.

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