Why We Should Reject CIA-Backed Surveillance in Our Schools

The recent surge in school shootings has understandably led to a heightened concern for the safety of our students. As part of the solution, we are witnessing the rise of technology companies offering advanced security systems designed to prevent these tragic incidents. One such company is Gabriel, an Israeli firm specializing in school shooting prevention technologies. Their offering – panic buttons, AI cameras, and an entire suite of surveillance products – seems to be a promising tool in our collective safety efforts. However, a closer look at the company’s backers raises some alarming concerns.

Gabriel’s technology is backed by former officials from the CIA, FBI, and Mossad, a fact that should make any privacy-conscious individual pause. The CIA and Mossad, in particular, have a long history of covert operations, human rights abuses, and the relentless pursuit of US and Israeli geopolitical interests. Their track records include instances of widespread domestic surveillance, unauthorized information collection, and exploitation of technological platforms for intelligence purposes. Given this context, it’s more than a little concerning to see such entities involved in implementing surveillance systems in our schools and communities.

Our children’s schools are meant to be places of learning and growth, not grounds for covert intelligence operations. We’ve seen the CIA infiltrate academic institutions in the past, notably during the Cold War era, while Mossad has been implicated in extensive surveillance and cyber espionage activities targeting American citizens. Bearing in mind these agencies’ histories, can we trust them with the safety and privacy of our students?

The ‘generous’ anonymous funding fueling Gabriel’s free installation in American schools is another point of contention. The use of “philanthropists” as a cover for covert intelligence activities is a well-documented strategy. The lack of transparency regarding the source of this funding leaves room for manipulation and hidden agendas, all under the guise of student safety.

Given the intricate and invasive nature of Gabriel’s surveillance systems, once they are installed, they would be exceedingly difficult to remove. If history has taught us anything, it’s that intelligence agencies tend to expand the scope and scale of their operations over time, often encroaching on civil liberties in the process. We must question the wisdom of allowing a system that could easily morph from targeted security monitoring into generalized spying on our children.

At the end of the day, we must ask ourselves: Do we truly believe that agencies like the CIA and Mossad prioritize our best interests over their own geopolitical and strategic agendas? The historical evidence suggests otherwise. Until we can be assured of complete transparency from Gabriel and independent verification of their mission and backers, it is in our best interest, and that of our children, to reject these surveillance systems.

In the name of safety, privacy, and the preservation of our freedoms, we must demand a rigorous, independent investigation into Gabriel’s surveillance systems and their backers. Let’s ensure we are not trading the fundamental rights and freedoms of our students and communities for a false sense of security.



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