Tor Network Approved VPS Hosts

Setting up a Tor relay is a commendable effort to support online privacy and freedom. However, finding the right web host for your Tor relay is crucial, akin to finding a landlord who respects your privacy and doesn’t pry into your activities. While the temptation to opt for the cheapest or unmetered VPS is strong, there’s much more to consider to ensure your Tor relay runs smoothly and without issues. In this guide, we’ll explore reliable and trustworthy VPS providers that are Tor-friendly and outline any restrictions they may have.

Operating a Tor relay means facilitating encrypted traffic, which can occasionally attract unwanted attention. Some web hosts may be hesitant to support Tor relays due to the potential for abuse and malicious activity by bad actors on the Tor network. These concerns can lead to web hosts preferring to avoid the complications associated with hosting Tor relays, resulting in the possibility of your server being deactivated or your account suspended. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a web host that not only tolerates Tor relays but also provides the necessary resources such as bandwidth, uptime, and technical support to ensure your relay operates smoothly.

For the best possible reliability and security of the Tor network, it’s important to avoid concentrating Tor relays on a small number of very popular VPS providers. A geographically diverse network of relays strengthens the anonymity of users and makes it harder to manipulate or control the network. When choosing a provider, consider using one that is not already overloaded with Tor relays, and ideally located in a country with a strong privacy record.

HostCountryPriceBandwidthTor Allowed# of Tor Servers
ByteHostDenmark$8.994TBYes (no exits)
Black Host$4.99300TBYes29
RackNationCosta Rica$6.992TBYes

When choosing a VPS host for your Tor relay, consider factors such as bandwidth, price, and the host’s policy on Tor relays. It’s also important to check for any specific restrictions, such as whether exit nodes are allowed. By selecting a host that aligns with your needs and supports the Tor network, you can contribute to a more private and secure internet.


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