10+ Reasons Why Mullvad Is One of the Most Popular VPNs

For newcomers, here’s 10 reasons why:

  1. +10 years without scandals or leaks. You don’t want the cool new kid on the block for a VPN.
  2. Part of the very few VPNs with port-forwarding and no logging evidence, both important to torrenting.
  3. Pioneered WireGuard adoption and actually donated to the project.
  4. External audit for both cross-platform app and infrastructure, as well as being open-source.
  5. Accepts bitcoin and have their own node in the blockchain, verifying payment themselves.
  6. Accepts cash payments, just mail it in with your account #.
  7. Complete server transparency and many self-owned servers.
  8. Doesn’t require any information for creating an account, not even e-mail.
  9. No affiliates or paid reviews.
  10. Not selling out to a conglomerate unlike other major VPNs.


One response to “10+ Reasons Why Mullvad Is One of the Most Popular VPNs”

  1. Mullvad removed port forwarding on 2023-07-01.

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