In field operations, where data security is crucial, individuals andv teams often need swift and effective methods to destroy sensitive information. This urgency is where tools like the Wasted app become invaluable. Wasted enables software wiping by locking and erasing data from Android devices remotely, acting as a digital fail-safe in situations where physical destruction isn’t immediately feasible.

However, for maximum security, combining software wipes with mechanical destruction is advised. While Wasted can remotely initiate a data wipe, operatives should also be prepared to physically destroy the device, ensuring no recovery is possible. This dual approach—software wiping for immediate response and mechanical destruction for guaranteed irrecoverability—provides a comprehensive strategy for safeguarding sensitive information in high-risk environments.

So, what exactly Wasted?


  • Primary Use: Wasted is a security application designed to lock and wipe an Android device in emergency scenarios. It’s an effective tool for protecting sensitive data if a device is lost, stolen, or compromised.
  • Trigger Options: Activation can be done via PanicKit, a specific tile, a shortcut, or through a message containing a secret code.


  • Emergency Lock and Wipe: On activation, Wasted uses the Device Administration API to lock the device and, if set up, perform a factory reset, erasing all data.
  • Custom Triggers: It can be set to activate under specific conditions, like when the device hasn’t been unlocked for a predefined period, upon USB connection during lock, launching a decoy app, or entering a duress password.

Operational Advantages:

  • Work Profile Compatibility: Useful in compartmentalizing risk, Wasted can be deployed within a Work Profile, allowing operatives to isolate and wipe only the profile data without affecting the entire device.
  • Open Source: As a FOSS application, its code can be reviewed for security and reliability.

Limitations and Drawbacks:

  • Device Compatibility: Only compatible with Android 6.0 and newer versions.
  • Safe Mode Restriction: The app doesn’t function in Android’s safe mode, which might be a concern if a device is accessed by a knowledgeable adversary.
  • Partial Data Recovery Risk: Without full device encryption, wiped data might be partially recoverable with advanced tools.
  • Permissions Dependency: Requires several permissions like DEVICE_ADMIN, potentially raising flags if scrutinized by tech-savvy adversaries.

Usage Recommendations for PMC Agents:

  • Risk Mitigation: Ideal for situations where the risk of physical device compromise is high.
  • Emergency Protocols: Should be integrated into emergency SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for data security.
  • Training and Familiarization: Agents should be thoroughly trained in the app’s functionality and trigger mechanisms.
  • Regular Updates and Audits: Ensure the app is regularly updated and audited for security vulnerabilities.

Conclusion: Wasted provides a robust solution for immediate data protection in high-risk environments. However, its effectiveness is contingent on correct setup, regular maintenance, and understanding its limitations in certain scenarios.

For further information and download, I recommend visiting the GitHub page or the F-Droid repository.

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